Committed to Excellence from Project Concept to Completion

The cornerstone of Gavic Construction Company’s success is our commitment to providing you, our customers, with excellence in service, quality and performance from project concept to completion.

While Gavic Construction has completed many projects as general contractor and construction manager, our commitment to Design/Build contracts is unequaled in the industry. From providing the initial design concept to preparation of working drawings and specifications, a Gavic Project Manager can offer a full array of design services. During the Construction phase, the Project Manager will oversee all the details of the project from scheduling to punch list. The result is a successful project completed faster and at a better price, built at Gavic’s highest standard of quality.

As your single point of contact, we can control each phase of the building process including design, site selection, building methods, personnel, and overall construction management. Our vast capabilities enable us to anticipate and make changes easily while working within the framework of your budget. In the end, this enhanced control leads to a better quality product, lower overall costs and increased project timeliness.


1. Work in conjunction with the architect and owner’s representatives, prepare preliminary estimates of construction costs for project budget, scope development, and provide cost evaluations of alternative materials and systems.

2. Provide recommendations on feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation and construction, and factors related to cost.

3. Integrate Gavic Construction’s services, the architect’s services, and the owner’s responsibilities, with anticipated construction schedules.

4. Prepare, for owner’s approval, a detailed estimate of costs based on schematic design documents. Update and refine this estimate as the architect prepares design development and construction documents. Advise the owner and architect if it appears that the construction costs may exceed the project budget. Make recommendations for corrective action if needed. Timberline Construction Estimating software provides detailed cost breakdowns that can be sorted in many different ways. Specified locations, details, or phases can be tracked separately.

5. Assist in obtaining building permits and special permits for permanent improvements. Assist in obtaining approval from authorities having jurisdiction over the project.

6. Recommend pre-qualified subcontractors and supplies and take suggestions from building committee to establish a qualified bidders list. Determine which portions of the work may be public bid versus invited bid in order to maintain quality.

7. Develop a project construction schedule providing for all major elements, such as phasing of construction and times of commencement and completion required of each separate contractor. Timberline Construction software integrates with Microsoft Project enabling us to provide detailed Gant charts and calendars. Analyzes Gavic’s resources as well as those of other trades.

8. Investigate and recommend a schedule for the purchase of materials and equipment requiring long lead-time procurement and coordinate the schedule with the early preparation of portions of the contract documents by the architect. Execute purchase orders and expedite and coordinate the delivery of these purchases.

9. Establish bidding schedules. Conduct pre-bid conferences, if needed, to familiarize bidders with the bidding documents and management techniques.

10. Conduct pre-award conferences with successful bidders, if needed.


1. Administer all construction contracts. Provide administrative management and related services, as required, to coordinate and schedule the work of the subcontractors with each other and with the activities and responsibilities of Gavic Construction, owner, and architect to complete the project in accordance with the owner’s objectives for costs, time and quality. Provide sufficient organization, personnel, and management to carry out the required construction management services.

2. Schedule and conduct pre-construction, construction, and progress meetings to discuss procedures, progress, problems, and scheduling. Minutes shall be prepared by the architect for distribution by Gavic Construction.

3. Update project construction schedules as necessary, including owner’s occupancy requirements.

4. Coordinate and check the dimensional layout of the work to assure correctness and acceptability of the final construction.

5. Endeavor to achieve satisfactory performance from each of the contractors. Recommend courses of action to the owner when requirements of a contract are not being fulfilled.

6. Refine and revise the approved estimate of construction costs and incorporate approved changes as they occur.

7. Recommend necessary or desirable changes to the architect and owner, review requests for changes, negotiate contractors’ proposals, submit recommendations to the architect and the owner, and if they are accepted, prepare change orders for the architect’s and owner’s signature and execute same.

8. Review and process applications by contractors for progress and final payments. Make recommendations to the architect for certification to the owner for payment.

9. Review safety programs developed by each of the contractors as required by their contract documents and coordinate the safety programs for the project.

10. Determine, in general, that the work of each contractor is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the construction documents. Subject to review by the architect, reject work which does not conform to the requirements of the contract documents.

11. Consult with the architect and the owner if any contractor requests interpretations of the meaning and intent of the drawings and specifications, and assist in the resolution of questions which may arise.

12. Receive Certificates of Insurance from the contractors.

13. Receive from the contractors and review all shop drawings, product data, samples, and other submittals. Coordinate them with information contained in related documents and transmit to the architect those recommended for approval.

14. Record the progress of the project. Submit written progress reports to the owner on each project. Keep a daily log containing a record of weather, contractors working on site, number of workers, work accomplished, problems encountered, and other similar relevant data as would be required.

15. Arrange for delivery, storage, protection, and security for materials, systems, and equipment which are part of the project, until such items are incorporated into the project (if limited on-site storage available).


Post Construction

1. Assist the architect in conducting final inspections. Secure and transmit to owner required guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds, and waivers.